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What is the CCC E-mail List?

A Yahoo e-mail list dedicated to discussion or bulletins related to the Carolina Canoe Club and paddling. Using it requires only that you have e-mail. You can add (subscribe) or delete (unsubscribe) your name from the mailing list by sending a message as described later. You can also access the mailing list via a web page. It allows you to send or read messages from a web page instead of using e-mail. It also allows you to search the list.

What types of messages are allowed?

  • The list should only be used for information related to paddling. No virus warnings, sports scores, non-paddling jokes, etc. Posting non-paddling messages causes others to think it is acceptable to post their non-paddling messages. Send non-paddling messages directly to your group of friends or to other lists related to your topic.
  • The list should not be used for commercial advertising.

What types of messages can the list be used for?

  • Ask peoples' opinions of your club ideas
  • Post information of interest to club members
  • Solicit attendance for impromptu trips
  • Sell or buy boating equipment
  • Anything about paddling

Remember that each message you send to the list goes to everyone subscribed to it. Do not use the list to send messages of interest to only a few people you know. Send them a message directly. There are about 900 people on the list. Make sure there is something of value in each message you send to the list.

Can people who are not Carolina Canoe Club members subscribe to the list?

Non-members are welcome to join the list. You must be a club member to receive the club's newsletter, The Paddler, to receive the many club benefits, and to vote on club business. The newsletter includes the club's Cruise Schedule with names and phone numbers of the trip coordinators. If you are not a club member you should not respond to messages soliciting opinions on matters of club business or policy.

How do I get on or off the list?

To join the list, send a blank (nothing in the message body) e-mail message to:   You will receive a message back asking you to confirm your request. Use your e-mail reader's reply function to send the confirmation message.  To be taken off the list, send a blank e-mail message to:

How do I send a message to everyone on the list?

You must be subscribed to the list before you can send messages.   Compose your message using only Plain Text.  Any information other than Plain Text (HTML or Attachments) will be deleted from your message before it is distributed to the list.  Make sure you fill in the Subject line so people can tell if they are interested in reading the full message.  Send your message to:

How do I reply to a message I received from the list?

You can use your e-mail program's "reply" function.  Before you send your reply, check the address in the "TO:" field. Usually your e-mail reader will pickup the default "Reply To" address.  The mailing list sets the "Reply To" address to be the message originator's address.  If you want your reply to go to everyone, the "TO:" address must be changed to:

Often there is a reason why you want to reply to the list, but many replies to the list should be sent only to the person who posted the original message. Before you press the Send key, check the addresses that your message is destined for. You may have options set in your e-mail program to reply to "all addresses" rather than only to the "Reply To" address.

If you post a message to the list, you may get replies sent directly to you and not to the list. When you see that the subject line contains " re: [CCC] ...", do not assume this message was sent to the list. Check the addresses it was sent to. If you reply to the list and quote a private message, you are turning a private reply into a public message without the sender's permission.

Can I send and receive CCC mail from more than one e-mail address?

Yes, but you must subscribe each e-mail address you wish to use.  It is also possible to send messages from an address different from your subscribed address by using the Alternative Posting Addresses. This can be setup using the web access.

I do not seem to be getting any CCC mail. Was I removed from the list?

If your ISP bounces CCC messages back for a period of time, your e-mail address will be unsubscribed. When your e-mail is working again you can check to see if you are subscribed by sending in a Subscribe request. If you are already subscribed, you will be told so.

Do not sent test messages to the list. If you are having problems, contact the list administrator. For the address, see the last question on this page.

Can I reduce the amount of e-mail I receive from the list?

You can change your subscription to receive only one e-mail per day from the list. It is called the Daily Digest and is a single message with all the day's messages included. If you would rather have this, send message to the administrator and ask to be changed to the digest. For the address, see the last question on this page.

You can also decide to receive no e-mail from the list, and read messages on the list web page. See: the next question.

How do I use the web access to the CCC Mailing List?

Point your web browser to

If you have not previously registered with Yahoo Groups, click on "Register". Fill in the registration form. Yahoo Groups will then send you a confirmation number via e-mail allowing you to complete the registration for using the web access.

If you have previously registered with Yahoo Groups, Login by entering your Yahoo! ID and password.

As you log-in, Yahoo Groups checks which mailing lists you are subscribed to. ccclist should be displayed. Click on it, and you will be taken to a page allowing you to read messages and control your options.

Note: Your browser must accept cookies, and when you register you will be asked for your name and zip code Yahoo Groups promises not to give out individual information. You can read about it under "Privacy Policy". Use of the web access is optional.

What can I do from the web access?

  • Read messages (including all messages since December 1999)
  • Send messages
  • Modify membership Delivery Options to elect how you want to receive messages from the mailing list. The options are:
    • Individual e-mails (each list message is sent to you as a separate e-mail)
    • Daily Digest (all the day's messages in one e-mail)
    • No e-mail (read messages on the web site).
  • Add Alternative Posting Addresses (allows sending messages from addresses other than ones you are subscribed under)
  • Search the list

I am having difficulty using the lists. How do I get help?

Send a message to the CCC E-mail List administrator at Put "CCC" or something about paddling in the subject line. If the subject is only "Hi" or "Help", and from an address the administrator does not recognize, your message may go unread because it looks like spam.