WOR Early Departures

All Week of Rivers paddling trips that depart Smoky Mountain Meadows ahead of the 8:30 am morning meetings should be publicized in advance to be eligible for the WOR trip coordinator prizes program.  If you'd like to coordinate an Early Departure (ED)  trip, please notify the Cruise Chair who will then announce your trip and make the particulars available to WOR participants via the Early Departures information board located under the meeting tent.  This should be helpful for coordinators who are organizing trips on the Ocoee, Chattooga, Upper Green, Chauga, Nolichucky, and other rivers that are farther away from Smoky Mountain Meadows or have limited release times

Posting of Early Departure (ED) trips should include the following information:

  • Brief description of the trip
  • Coordinator’s name
  • Coordinator Contact information:  Campsite # and/or email, phone number for texting
  • Where to meet to begin commute
  • When to meet:  ED’s should head out of camp before 8:15 am so they do not interfere with the 8:30 morning meeting

Paddlers who want to join ED's should:

  • Visit the tent at night to check out the ED Board for updated information
  • Contact the coordinator of the ED the day before to get the green light to join. 
  • Be ready On Time.  The definition of “On Time” is 5 minutes early with all your gear packed, loaded and ready to go. Do not arrive at the designated time in jammies with a cereal bowl in your hand and no boat or gear in sight.
  • Do not expect to hop onboard to an ED at the last minute as the group departs.  

ED’s are like all CCC Trips and coordinators will have limits.  Please respect the limits and if someone is saying, “No” to you, he or she has safety reasons.  There may be too many paddlers or perhaps they do not believe you are ready for the intensity of that particular river trip.  Safety...first and always

ED’s and trip coordinator prize drawings.  In order for an ED coordinator to have his/her name placed in the daily trip coordinator drawings for WOR, the coordinator must:

  • Inform the CCC Cruise Chair of your ED at least 26 hours ahead of departure. (Text, phone, visit, track me down in the campground "host" trailer)
  • Announce your ED at the morning meeting the morning before the early departure itself (i.e. a Sunday morning ED will be announced and posted on Saturday morning)
  • An ED on the first day of WOR, must be announced on the CCC yahoo listserv by midnight on the Thursday before the start of WOR.  The Cruise Chair will then incorporate your trip into the CCC online calendar for WOR.

ED trips that occur outside of these limitations are fine (rain happens!) and coordinators should put them on the ED Board. All WOR trips should be posted and/or announced in some way. Unfortunately, those last minute trips cannot be included in the prize drawings.  Your prize was the rain!    

If you have questions or concerns, please contact cruise.chair@carolinacanoeclub.org

You must be a CCC member to attend Week of Rivers  https://www.carolinacanoeclub.org/catalog/2