Welcome to the Carolina Canoe Club

On March 16, 1969, 15 people gathered at Bob Benner’s house in Jamestown. Bob recalls, “For the purpose of getting people together who like to paddle.” During that meeting the Carolina Canoe Club (CCC) was born, with Bob as president, Sheila Masseey as secretary-treasurer and Tony Comer as cruise chairman. Some of the CCC’s first trips were on the Fisher, Mayo, Dan, and New Rivers.

The CCC has grown dramatically over the past 45+ years. We currently have more than 500 individual/family memberships with a total headcount of approximately 1000 boaters. While the majority live in North Carolina, a sizable number are from contiguous states. Many others have retained their memberships despite having moved to far away states (and even foreign countries), presumably to keep up with the sport in the Tarheel state. There are a couple from as far away as England and Australia.

Many paddling retailers and outfitters offer discounts to CCC members. Details can be found in the Membership details, and specific details in the Members Only section of the CCC web site (only visible to members).

We are always looking for new club members and paddling partners.  Join today! Membership dues are paid annually, and the same for an individual or family. ("Family" is all persons residing in the same household.) Dues are $20.

River trips are the life-blood of the Carolina Canoe Club. They are scheduled year-round and run whether there is rain, snow or sunshine. (However, they do not run if there is a lack of water!) The Club also organizes extended weekend trips at Easter and Labor Day, as well as a 10-day paddling/camping experience, "Week of Rivers," at 4th of July. Most trips are for Novice and Intermediate skill levels. The schedule of river trips is published on the club website. Last-minute trips also crop up on the club's listserv, CCClist@yahoogroups.com, and on Facebook. Participation in a river trip is strictly voluntary and at the paddler's own risk. Before committing to any trip, each CCC member should assess his/her own skills in terms of the difficulty of the river and conditions at that time.

The Club has significantly increased its role in education. Instruction is offered for all skill levels from beginner to advanced.There also are weekly rolling sessions. The CCC also conducts rescue and safety classes including Basic Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue. In addition, the Club offers ACA Instructor and Swiftwater Rescue Instructor classes on an "as needed" basis.

The CCC has become increasingly active in the area of river conservation and in promoting the development of whitewater facilities. If we don't, who will?

Club news, the cruise schedule and trip reports are communicated through this web site, the CCC E-Mail List, Facebook. and the club's Meetup page. Club meetings are held quarterly, either as a physical meeting or in an online-forum format (See bylaws for details).

The CCC strives to carry out the objectives set forth by its founders, including the teaching and upholding of the highest standards of river safety, skill, and courtesy. While the primary interest of individual members has become increasingly diverse, the Club attempts to meet the needs of all its members and provide an organization by which we can all best fulfill our common interest - love of paddling.

Membership applications, renewals, and correspondence should be mailed to:

  Carolina Canoe Club Inc. P.O. Box 12932 Raleigh, NC 27605

Do not send packets of promotional materials to the Carolina Canoe Club by U.S. mail. Printed materials will not be distributed and it will be a waste of your money. Please send any information to be distributed to club members to the CCC president in a plain text e-mail (attachments can not be forwarded).

For e-mail correspondence see the Officers page.