Used Gear Swap and Sale at Week of Rivers

Starting on the first Saturday of Week or Rivers and ending at sundown on the second Saturday of Week of Rivers, CCC members are invited to bring used and unused boats, boating paraphernalia, clothing, gear, and outdoor camping equipment to sell or swap.  This is a great chance to clear out, organize your garage and move along those items for use by someone else.  There is a designated area between the tent and the road for the gear swap.  Please clearly mark your name and the price you are asking and your contact information (Campsite, phone number) on the item.   We recommend gray duct tape and a permanent marker.  

Most sales of used gear occur in the morning just before, after and during the 8:30 am morning meeting.  

The seller is reponsible for their items -- Carolina Canoe Club is not.  While some sellers may leave their items out all day long while they paddle, CCC is not responsible for your unattended for sale items at the Used Gear Swap and Sale.  CCC does not oversee the safety of items nor do we collect funds on the seller's behalf.  If you do not feel comfortable leaving your items unattended please secure them back at your campsite when you are not present to oversee possible transactions.  All transactions are between seller and buyer.   CCC takes no responsibility for items sold during the Used Gear Swap and Sale during Week of Rivers.  Buyer Beware.

Please do not leave behind any unsold items in the Used Gear Swap and Sale area after sundown on the second Saturday.  Items left on the second Sunday morning will find themselves victim to a quick and efficient disposal.