Trips are the lifeblood of our organization. Why do we do anything if not to paddle!


  • All Carolina Canoe Club trips are conducted in accordance with the American Whitewater Affiliation Safety Code.
  • Some of the trips will be limited in size and/or split up if other participants are willing to coordinate groups.
  • The Carolina Canoe Club encourages carpooling. If you ride with someone else, you should volunteer to reimburse the driver for gas. It's not that much and it WILL be appreciated!

All participants in Carolina Canoe Club trips do so as common adventurers.  The club or its individual members may coordinate paddling trips but no one is considered leader of a trip.  All participants take the responsibility for making their own decisions including, but not limited to, whether to participate on any particular water body or section, what equipment they use, the routes they may choose to paddle, whether their skill levels and abilities are appropriate for the activity or whether climate and water conditions are appropriate for their participation.  In applying for membership to the Carolina Canoe Club (CCC), I acknowledge that paddling, like many sports, has inherent dangers which can be minimized through education and experience, but cannot be totally eliminated I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executers, and administrators waive any and all rights and claims for damage I may have against the CCC, its officers and representatives for injuries suffered by me in CCC activities.