Shamrock Smackdown

Trip Date: 
Sat, 03/11/2017
Trip Skill: 

Join the studs and duds for the Green River Revival at the USNWC. Get there early, 10am or so to avoid the long check in lines. Carpool because even your Momma ain't been in that many back seats. The water turns green at 1pm.Both channels will be running per the Giant Leprechaun. You would be wise to pack your roll, ibuprofen, sunscreen and to smile for the cameras.. Stay off the walls, out of the way of the blue undercuts and keep your head on a swivel. There will be massive ammounts of boaters and spectators. Good lines are encouraged but, they don't make the highlight videos. You might want to check with Stager before you decide to follow me. Dress to impress. We may impose on Hulk Blanton to color our hair again this year. Bring your green hairpaint, jeweled necklaces, hats, wigs and whatever you can think of. I will still be prettier than you but, second place is up for grabs.