New River Gorge

Trip Date: 
Sat, 08/12/2017 - Sun, 08/13/2017
Trip Skill: 

I'm planning on heading up to the New River Gorge this weekend assuming the water levels cooperate.  I'm hoping for at least 0' at Fayette Station (currently 0.34'). We'll meet later in the morning on Saturday to allow folks to drive up that morning if they wish.  Sunday will be a little earlier start so everyone can get on the road.

It looks like there was a fair level of interest in this trip, so we may have to think about splitting up into two groups - that will depend on how many NRG veterans we have sign up and who might be willing to lead a second group.  Please contact me if you intend to join or have any questions.

I'm still hoping I might be able to get up there to paddle on Friday as well - though I won't know that for sure until Thursday, let me know if you are interested in a Friday trip.