Mighty Mayo River Trip 2018

Trip Date: 
Sat, 01/20/2018 - 10:00
Trip Skill: 

MMRT 2018 will meet at 10am January 20th in the parking lot of 220 Sweepstakes just like years before. This trip is all about community. Building and giving back.

Bring your best and soon to be best friends. Many valued friendships have been made on this trip. We will have Gauley boaters, Green Narrow boaters and punks like you and me. New boaters are stongly encouraged. If you can stay afloat in class 2 come on down.

 Bring every bit of food in your house and then shop for more. We will be collecting canned good to feed the local community. If you can not make the trip get you donations to a fellow boater. Lot 2540 will be the recepient of this years donations. They are a local Ministry/Food pantry located in Mayodan. They will have a "big truck" at the takeout to pack the donations. Please make this a priority. Too much is never enough.Cases are encouraged.

JPP will be returning as the Czarina of Hot Chocolate. Bring a mug and a few extra for your friends. Jo may be asking for a pop up tent and a couple of tables. Be on the lookout for updates. Our take out social has become legendary. Bring your favorite river dish to share. You foodie types, this is you time to shine. No pressure here Thing 2 and my Sensi. Don't expect it to be as good as my cornbread, but do try. Do you have skills? Prove it!

 Stager will be leading a clean up of the put in and take out. Feel free to contact him directly with info on supplies and logistics.

DRB and PFM will be shooting video. "Inked" SR will be shooting stills. Bring your video and stills skills! 

We have a FB event page. MMRT2018. You can also look up MMRT2017 for video and trip information.

This is the event of the year! You do not want to miss out! Make plans. Watch for important updates. Start your collection for the food bank. Dream Big! It is MMRT 2018 pimping time! Bring it.