Fall Colors on the French Broad

Trip Date: 
Sat, 10/14/2017 - 10:00
French Broad
Trip Skill: 

Looks like we'll be having a nice leaf season, and few places are better for viewing than a mountain river. Come join us for a nice paddle on French Broad Section 9.


  • Meet at Barnard at 10am
  • (Optional Carpool from Asheville: Meet at EarthFare at 9am)
  • Set shuttle
  • Paddle! (Group to decide whether to take out at Stackhouse or Hot Springs)
  • (Option: Family-friendly hike along Big Laurel for non-paddlers)
  • Hot chocolate at takeout if weather is chilly
  • (Optional: Mexican restaurant afterwards)

Charlotte and I won't be able to paddle, but we're going to shuttle-bunny, and if the weather is cool enough to warrant it, we'll be making hot chocolate at the take-out. Please RSVP to me at marc@marcharkness.net. My phone number is 919-880-8922 if you're en-route.

If there is sufficient rain, Big Laurel might be an option.