2016 Fall Swiftwater Rescue Clinic (September 10th and 11th)

Event Date: 
09/10/2016 - 09/11/2016
Price: $75.00

 Taking a swiftwater rescue clinic is an important step in managing the safety of yourself and others on the river, and is strongly recommended for paddlers of all skill levels. 

Some of the things you will learn about during this course include:

  • Identifying hazards and managing risk in a river setting.
  • Self-rescue techniques like defensive and aggressive swimming
  • Selecting appropriate safety gear for the river
  • How to use a throw rope effectively
  • How to free a pinned boat

The fall clinic will be taught by Bobby Simpson and Russ Scheve.  Day 1 (Saturday the 10th) is classroom based instruction covering the fundamentals of how to self-rescue as well as rescuing other boaters and equipment. Day 2 (Sunday the 11th) consists of hands-on exercises practicing the skills covered on day 1 in a real river setting*. 


Location TBD, we are currently looking at locations in both the Raleigh-Durham area and in Greensboro. If you have a preference please leave a comment when you register.


NOTE: water levels are unpredictable. Available water will determine the location of on river activities on day 2. Possible locations include the Haw near Pittsboro, the Neuse below Falls Dam, Boiling Hole on the Mayo, or River Falls Park in Weldon, NC.

Personal Information

Name and phone number of the person to contact in case of emergency.